3 Steps to Get Ready for the Next Bull Run

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Crypto bull runs present exciting opportunities for traders and investors to capitalize on the upward momentum and potentially generate substantial gains. To make the most of the next bull run, it’s essential to prepare yourself and develop effective strategies. In this blog, we’ll guide you through three important steps to get ready for the next […]

How to Use Spinning Top Candle Patterns To Identify Trend Reversals

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Candlestick charts are popular among traders because they provide a lot of information about price movements. Spinning top candle are one type of candlestick pattern that traders can use to identify potential trend reversals. What Is a Spinning Top Candle? It is a type of candlestick pattern that can indicate indecision in the market. It […]

How to Take Profits in Crypto Trading

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Crypto trading can be a lucrative venture, but it can also be risky. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate wildly within a short period. It is therefore important to know how to take profits in crypto trading to minimize losses and maximize gains. What does it mean to take profits in […]

How to Invest in Crypto

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Investing in cryptocurrency can be a very lucrative endeavor. With so many cryptocurrencies to choose from, it can be a daunting task to determine which one to invest in, especially if you are a beginner.  How to Invest in Crypto Long Term? When investing in Digital currency for the long term, it is essential to […]

Introduction to Pump and Dump Schemes in Cryptocurrency Trading

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Cryptocurrency trading is a rapidly growing market, but it also carries significant risks. One of these risks is the prevalence of pump and dump schemes, a type of investment fraud that can cause investors to lose significant amounts of money.   Understanding Pump and Dump Schemes A Price fixing in Digital currency trading is a type […]

How to Use the Risk/Reward (RR) Ratio – Trading Insights

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Trading in financial markets is a risky endeavor. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can minimize your risk and maximize your returns. One such tool is the risk/reward (RR) ratio.   What Is the Risk/Reward Ratio? The RR ratio is a simple calculation that helps you assess the potential risk and reward of a […]

What Is Position Sizing? And how to manage risk?

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Position sizing is a critical aspect of trading that helps traders manage their risk and maximize their consistency. It is an essential tool that can make a significant difference in a trader’s performance. What Is Position Sizing? Asset Allocation is the process of determining the number of shares, lots, or contracts to trade while considering […]

What is Stop-Loss and Stop-Limit Orders

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Stop-loss and stop-limit orders are important tools for traders to limit their losses and protect their gains. These two types of orders are commonly used in the stock market and other financial markets to help traders manage risk and make more informed investment decisions. What Is A Stop-Loss Order? A Protective sell order is an […]

TradeXN Referrals – Start Earning

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As cryptocurrency gains more popularity, so does the concept of crypto referrals. If you’re new to the crypto world, you might be wondering what crypto referrals are and why they matter. We’ll provide an in-depth explanation of what crypto referrals are, their benefits, and challenges. TradeXN Referrals as a unique and sustainable way of earning […]

Trading Psychology – Growth in Crypto Trading

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Trading psychology is a crucial element in achieving success as a trader, and it plays an even more important role in the volatile world of Electronic currency trading. Understanding and mastering the psychological aspects of trading is essential to making consistent trading decisions in crypto trading. What is Trading Psychology? Trading psychology is the study […]

Uptrend and Downtrend – Use them for Profitable Charts

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Trading Charts are excellent visual aids that help us analyze data and make informed decisions. However, to make these charts more effective, it is essential to understand the direction of the trends, i.e., uptrends and downtrends. Three Directions of Trends Before diving into uptrends and downtrends, let’s first understand the three directions of trends. The […]

How to Trade Doji Candle

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Candlestick charts are a popular technical analysis tool used by traders to make informed decisions about buying or selling an asset. One particular candlestick pattern that traders often look out for is the candlestick.  We will discuss what a doji candlestick is, how it forms, the different types of doji patterns, and how to trade […]